Dog Training FAQ

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Does Everyone In The Household Have To Apply The Training My Dog Gets?

We do encourage everyone in the household to be on the same page with the dog training to ensure the greatest level of success. Your dog can have all the best training in the world, and it all will be for nothing if it’s not kept up once they return to you.

Do You Guarantee My Dog Will Never Misbehave Again?

While you will see a huge improvement in your dog’s behavior, it would be dishonest for any dog trainer to claim that your dog will be perfect for the rest of his life after training. A lot of the long term success with dog training depends greatly on how consistent you are. If you only enforce rules sometimes, expect to have a dog who listens sometimes, that’s just the way it is.

Will My Dog Learn How To Behave In Public?

Part of every dog’s program is to take field trips to public places. Having a dog that only listens when nothing is going on is pretty pointless if you want to take them out with you.

How Do You Reward The Dogs You Work With?

Every dog is different and is rewarded in a way that is meaningful to them. It is our job to find what works for each dog.

Don’t E-collars Shock Dogs?

Shock collars got their name from the old models used a long time ago. Today’s modern e-collars are similar to a Tens Unit and don’t apply electricity to your dog. The models we use are made by E-collar Technologies and are 100% safe to use in or around water. If you still doubt that e-collars aren’t shocking dogs, check out this video of Alex activating the collar while holding it in a glass of water.

I Have A Small Dog. Will Your Training Program Work For Them Too?

Our training programs work for all dogs no matter the size. Although a lot of our clients have larger breeds, we have had great success with the little ones as well.

How Will I Receive Updates On My Dog?

We contact owners about their dogs through text, phone calls, or emails. Additionally, a lot of pictures and videos are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have a specific question about your dog, you will have a multitude of ways to get in contact with us.

Do You Accept Payments?

We do accept payments to be made towards the program you want to enroll your dog in. However, the balance must be paid in full before the training starts. Reservations are taken up to three months in advance.