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Reliable K9 Training offers effective and affordable puppy and adult dog training programs that produce long lasting results. We specialize in family dog obedience training that covers anything from working with a friendly, but hyper or reactive dog all the way to more serious behavior problems, such as dog separation anxiety and dog aggression.

If Your Dog

  • Pulls hard on leash
  • Barks excessively
  • Steals food from the counter
  • Jumps on you or your guests
  • Shows signs of aggression


Maybe you have already gone to numerous dog trainers with little to no success. Or maybe you have been told that your dog’s issues are too great to ever change. Many of our clients have had the same doubts as you before coming to us. Our goal is to provide a straightforward dog training plan for owners that will allow them to enjoy their pets to fullest. Our dog training programs aren’t breed based and will work for any dog, no matter the size. Not only will your dog learn to physically obey obedience commands, they will also learn how to have a calm mental state when needed.

Over the duration of your dog’s training program, they will live with their dog trainer in a home environment, not an outdoor kennel. Field trips and dog socialization is also provided to give your dog a well-rounded experience. Our focus is quality training for each of our clients which means we don’t keep a huge number of dogs at a time. We want to ensure each dog gets the time and attention they deserve and accept new enrollments through reservation only.

We offer dog obedience training in Camden, Columbia, Charlotte, Florence, Anderson, Aiken, Elgin, Powdersville, Augusta, Greenville, Williamston, Iva, Jackson, Newberry, Aiken County SC, Anderson County SC, Charleston County SC, Chester County SC, Darlington County SC, Fairfield County SC, Florence County SC, Greenville County SC, Horry County SC, Kershaw County SC, Lancaster County SC, Lee County SC, Lexington County SC, Newberry County SC, Orangeburg County SC, Richland County SC, Spartanburg County SC, Sumter County SC, & Williamsburg County SC. Out of state clients are also accepted.

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What Dog Training Methods Do We Use?

Reliable K9 Training uses a balanced dog training approach which consists of many types of rewards to let dogs know what we like, as well as fair corrections to let them know what we don’t like. When done correctly, this way of obedience training has proven to yield great results in dog behavior modification while also creating a dog who enjoys learning. A lot of clients are initially concerned about their dog becoming less fun or robotic. While this is a valid concern, our end goal is to always give dogs more freedom and true happiness. A couple of the biggest reasons why a lot of people avoid training their dogs, to begin with, is because they don’t want to change their personality, and they want their dogs to be free. If you think about it, an untrained dog isn’t very free because they don’t have the necessary life skills to handle everyday distractions. This means the untrained dog who is supposed to be “free” has to be put up when company comes to their house or left at home while their family enjoys a fun day out. A dog who fully understands what is expected of them is a joy to be around and can go anywhere.

Feel free to visit the rest of our website. If you have any further questions or are ready to enroll your dog in one of our programs, please fill out our contact form.