Lord Jesus!!! Where would we be without the DOG WHISPERER!!!! If anybody is looking for the awesomest() all around dog trainer please contact Alex Harris. She can train ANY DOG….no matter the breed or attitude she will get them where they need to be. Trust me I know. We have an attitudinal/stubborn American Bully and she has whipped him into shape. We were struggling until somebody recommended Alex. That was the best thing that could have ever happened for us because there was NO way we could have done this alone. Bolo has came a long way & it’s all thanks to Alex. We thank you in SOOOOOOO MANY ways!!!! Thank you, Danke, merci, grazzi, gracias and tack!!!! Yeah I looked some of those up
Tamala, Zack & Ta’JayTj Warren
Our 7 month old pup spent 4 weeks with Alex at Reliable K9 Training, and all we can say is that we wish she had gone to her sooner!
Our girl is more focused, calmer, and much more confident- and most importantly we have the skills (thanks to Alex) to maintain her training now that she’s home.
Alex truly cares about the success of you and your dog once they’re back home with you and is readily available to help when questions arise.
If and when we get a new dog we will be using Reliable K9 Training’s board and train services again.
Invaluable investment. Thank you, Alex!!
Alex is an amazing dog trainer. We were on the verge of rehoming our deaf pit mix puppy since we were feeling overwhelmed with a good many issues. Alex came to our home and spent so much time with us each and every session and checked in even after we were done training. We learned how to deal with aggression, basic commands, Leash training, different signs to give to our dog and most importantly we leaned about working effectively with a E-collar etc. I honestly feel like if Alex could turn our situation around she can train anything. Thank you again Alex for al of your time and expertise with Charlie . We encourage anyone that is looking for a all around great trainer to use Reliable K9 training.

Just wanted to give you an update. I have been working with Merlin and he is much better with the growling! It does seem once he gets used to people he stops but getting him to his spot has helped! Thank you so much!!! I would love to take a walk sometime if you would like! Mainly to get him around other pups! I am always in awe of your videos and training. I am literally the worst At disciplining my dog. You are so much better than Cesar Milan in my book !Lindsay Rozovich

Our experience has been absolutely amazing! Our dog, Laurence, has long struggled with a lot of anxiety and reactivity that we really thought we wouldn’t be able to help him with. However, thanks to Alex we have seen incredible changes with our boy just within the little time he’s been home. Alex is incredibly helpful, courteous, and an all around wonderful trainer!

I highly recommend her for dog aggression issues. I will definitely use Reliable K9 in the future if the need arises again.

Jennifer Carawan Thiele

Alex is a true professional. Not only did Alex train my dog to be obedient, she also trained me to become a better leader for my dog.

Tom Morais

Ramsey had her yearly vet visit last week, and everyone was shocked at how well she behaved. No more trying to bite the doctor as he examined her! Thanks for everything!

Alyson Kalvin


Alex fosters rescue dogs for my rescue Erica’s Waggy Tails, Inc. She really cares about helping the dogs on death row at the shelters. She helps with rehabilitating dogs with behavior issues that may have otherwise been put to sleep. It is also great to have a wonderful trainer training these rescue dogs, because it makes them that much more adoptable. I have also had a few rescue dogs that were fostered by others at first but the dog was too much to handle for that person because the dogs would break out of crates and destroy the house. Alex offered to foster them and work with them, and completely turned them around and got them to where they were anxiety free dogs that were much more desirable to adopters. Alex goes the extra mile when it comes to helping out the rescue dogs and making sure their new home is a good fit. She even keeps in touch with some of the adopters when they need training tips and even just to check in to see how the dogs are doing, because she really cares about these dogs! Alex is an asset to the rescue and she is the best trainer that I have had the pleasure of working with. I studied dog obedience myself so I know the basics, but Alex blows me away with what she does! If you are needing help with your dog and are hesitant about using Alex, I am telling you to hesitate no more. She is the best and she really cares about the dogs.Erica Reimels

I honestly don’t have enough good things to say about Alex and the help she has provided us with a few of our challenging fosters and one extremely hard headed and calculating Boxer. Over the last couple of years Alex has been the only trainer we’ve reached out to for help because she delivers each time no matter the circumstances. Last summer we were asked to hold onto a friend’s 17 month old male boxer while a friend was in between houses. It was supposed to last a month but it turned out to be a 7 month stay. Within the first month with waylin ate everything he could get his mouth on and some. He singlehandedly managed to give everyone in the house a nervous tick! Where’s Waylin or who’s watching Waylin was the new hello, how was your day? Alex was able to work with him for a very short period of time in her home and return him with a very strong place command and basics we could build on to help manage our stress levels with him. Recently I noticed two stray feral pups in the woods and reached out again to Alex for help. I’ve never tried to rehab feral pups but I could not leave them in the woods. The first one we caught has already gone to rescue and the second is still here learning and we hope to have him in rescue soon. Alex was able to work with both pups and give them a foundation for me to work with. I appreciate every bit of help and knowledge that Alex is able to provide. She is a treasure as a friend and trainer.Susan More Cook